The Rites of Infestation EP

by Crypticus

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"Crypticus swings like a 200 pound hammer in that it is heavy and unforgiving. For only being a duo the sound is filled out with outstanding quality..."
- Pinpoint Music

"Man, I fucking love CRYPTICUS. I mean this, sincerely. Take death metal, set it over there. Now take CRYPTICUS and set it over here. That's how great they are."
- Stevo (IMPETIGO)

"The four tracks from the H.P. Lovecraft worshipers are full of low-end growls facilitated by great death metal haste on guitars and percussion. CRYPTICUS showcase great vocals; and musically they bring it boot-to-chest using Scandinavian death elements to achieve a complete sound. The heavy riffage from CRYPTICUS is infectious and very catchy, and the horror-laden atmosphere is prominent with the added spoken word injected throughout."

Four original tales of Death Metal darkness & a bonus cover of the RUNEMAGICK classic "Enter The Realm Of Death".

Expanded edition featuring 3 songs previously only available on split CD. Completely remixed & partially re-recorded by P.Bruss in 2015.


released October 31, 2010

Patrick Bruss - guitar/bass/vox
Brynjar Helgetun - drums

All music/lyrics by Patrick Bruss 2009-2010. except "Enter The Realm Of Death" - music/lyrics by Nicklas Rudolfsson, 1999. Cover art by Derek Waugh.

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Crypticus Denver, Colorado

CRYPTICUS brings you weird tales of Death Metal madness influenced by Pulp horror, the occult, & horror movie soundtracks.

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Track Name: Beauty & Deceased
Cackling shadows breathe their blackness on my heart
And from those curses came the call to crawl down to the dark
A fallen woman came upon me in that night
And with her horrid glee infected me with dreadful dreams that robbed me of my might

Melting shapes of tangled bodies writhe
Twisted limbs & vacant eyes
Somewhere in the dark I found a door
I left her trapped there evermore...

Lead: Bruss

There's something watching from the sky
Behind the black side of the moon there lurks a constant eye
The tendrils of the night breathe into me new life
Don't sweep me up yet, Rusty Scythe
Track Name: The Hungerer
Consumed by dark obsession
I composed a morbid poem
An attempt to conjure fears
Giving them an earthly form

The stanzas held the secret
Of the resurrection spells
For a spectral haunter hidden
Where all superstitions dwell

Melody: Bruss

Before, it had been nothing
An idea without birth
Now my words have brought it crawling
Out of legendry to lurk the earth

No way to undo that this rotted dream came true
Promethean advent occurred & brought life to the Hungerer
Track Name: End the World of Men
Unleashing an army of hybrid Orks
Siege foundations down with our mindless force
Bloody rusted blades with the strength to wield
Come & taste the tang of our mighty steel
Brothers of the hand come hear my prayer:
Give us bone to break & flesh to tear
Human heads to hack & stack in cairns

Master's evil eye is in your head
Traitors to his throne must join the dead
Infected with decay, unholy hosts
You will not be saved by your Maiar Ghosts

Killing cries, drunk on the blood of saints
The overlord feeds on the blood he taints
Join us now or else we will crush your souls
All consuming horde of bloodthirsty trolls
Track Name: Baron of the Dark
Candle-lit shadows, flickering forms
Paint the walls in my manor forlorn
Psychadelic mushrooms taken with wine
Reading pulps by the fire reclined.

Thunder strikes a distant chord
Wind whips the candelabra
In the dark his presence looms
Eldritch, perverse, macabre.

A gaunt, pale form emerged
Mad with fright I laughed
Before me standing in spectral splendour
Was the spirit of Howard Lovecraft!

Silently he judged me
As I sat aghast
Then he haunted my head with horrors
From starry aeons vast.

After laying in a coma for days
I awakened from that feverish haze
Bloody, naked as the day I was born
My precious first editions scattered & torn.

He is not dead who eternal Lies!