Unholy Secrecies (Demo 2002)

by Crypticus

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2002 demo featuring alternate versions of songs from the 2005 debut "Dedicated To the Impure" & the 2011 split with SCAREMAKER.


released October 31, 2002

Music & lyrics by Patrick Bruss, 2002.




Crypticus Denver, Colorado

CRYPTICUS brings you weird tales of Death Metal madness influenced by Pulp horror, the occult, & horror movie soundtracks.

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Track Name: Cyclops Throne
The secret woods alive at night
Unholy meeting of masterminds
With deadly secrets, they gain control
Behind the darkness you feel their eyes

Ten thousand years of suicide
The scarecrow king that haunts the night
Black liquid seeps from living trees
Sometimes, at night you hear their cries

The pulsing cyclops throne

Through sightless eyes you sense your death
The field alive with evil stars
A cold descent into the lake
Demon void behind the night
The shadows fight to lick you eyes

When repulsion calls your name
Try to run away from your own game
Track Name: Mortificus
Don't try to pry the locks into his secret lair
Unholy secrecies are kept alive in there
His name means darkness now to all the ones who know
Mortificus wants you to join him in his show

The first illusion is now at hand
You are blindfolded with your hands tied-up in back
He shows his tools, to the captive crowd
You hear them laughing, still not knowing what's to come

Then there comes pain as he chains you to the rack
You're going into shock, there's no turning back
He licks his lips & laughs, you know you won't be saved
Your journey now begins, guts first into the grave

His holocaust of horror is the devil's web
You know now how it's done - the trick is that you're dead
Track Name: Tales of the Necrocypher
Line-up toward the butcher's den where my mutants hatch eggs & breed black death
Tower of experiments, the vents exhale necrotic fumes & stench

Cadaver Borgs ascend the spires
Black Seraphim are raining bile
The crypts exhale their putrid ghosts
The faithful drones will feed their ancient host
Track Name: Echoes of the Macabre
Welcome all who've gathered here tonight
Let us now peel back the layers
The ancient gods are here, amongst us in the dark
hungering for evil prayers...

Here in the secret shrine of blasphemy we meet
To probe the ancient depths of horror & decay
Enter The Magister, the one we all revere
He is the mastermind behind all that you fear

Once he had been a man, with hopes & dreams like you
Now he's a nameless beast with crawling eyes of dread
& in his hands he hold a severed human head
He still stalks the night in never ending death

"Now I ride with the mocking & friendly ghouls on the night wind
& play by day in the catacombs
I know that light is not for me, save that of the moon"

The servitors of shame, the formless fiends of dusk
Crustaceous bodied beasts are feeding on black dust
Deep underneath the ground where sunlight never goes
We make an evil pact with those that lurk below

The cries of those who died, the echoes in the night
They whisper to me still & torture me with fright
When will I find revenge, & who will be my guide?
I face my destiny with evil on my side

The echoes of the macabre