The Rites of Infestation EP

by Crypticus

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"Man, I fucking love CRYPTICUS. I mean this, sincerely. Take death metal, set it over there. Now take CRYPTICUS and set it over here. That's how great they are."
- Stevo (IMPETIGO)

"The four tracks from the H.P. Lovecraft worshipers are full of low-end growls facilitated by great death metal haste on guitars and percussion. CRYPTICUS showcase great vocals; and musically they bring it boot-to-chest using Scandinavian death elements to achieve a complete sound. The heavy riffage from CRYPTICUS is infectious and very catchy, and the horror-laden atmosphere is prominent with the added spoken word injected throughout."

Free digital EP to celebrate Halloween 2010. Four tales of Death Metal darkness: One track from the upcoming album "The Nexus Of Death", (due 2012) one reinvented demo track, one exclusive new track, & a cover of the RUNEMAGICK classic "Enter The Realm Of Death".


released 31 October 2010

Patrick Bruss - guitar/bass/vox
Brynjar Helgetun - drums

All music/lyrics by Patrick Bruss 2009-2010. except "Enter The Realm Of Death" - music/lyrics by Nicklas Rudolfsson, 1999. Cover art by Derek Waugh.




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Crypticus Denver, Colorado

CRYPTICUS brings you weird tales of Death Metal madness influenced by Pulp horror, the occult, & horror movie soundtracks.

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Track Name: Ceremonial Surgery
You are invited to return here after dark,
As a new member of our cult you'll play a crucial part.
Be sure we value your attendance at this rite,
But do not venture to reveal what frightful things you'll see tonight.

Now, on with the masquerade,
Don now your masks & robes, make sharp your sacred blades.
A victim has been found to serve our ghastly needs,
The pain we must inflict, on which The Master feeds.

Fear sustains that beastly life,
That thing we brought to life by means of sacrifice.
The alchemy of blood & steel,
To vivisect & slice & peel,
Surgery surreal.

Perhaps you did not comprehend,
my secret motive to extend
your invitation here, my friend.

I feel that I may have neglected
to reveal you've been selected
as the next to be dissected!
Track Name: The Hungerer
Consumed by dark obsession
I composed a morbid poem
An attempt to conjure fears
Giving them an earthly form

The stanzas held the secrets
Of the resurrection spell
For a spectral haunter hidden
Where all superstitions dwell

Before, it had been nothing
An idea without birth
Now my words have brought it crawling
Out of legendry to lurk the earth

No way to undo that this rotted dream came true
Promethean advent occurred & brought life to the Hungerer
Track Name: Baron of the Dark
Candle-lit shadows, flickering forms
Paint the walls in my manor forlorn
Psychadelic mushrooms taken with wine
Reading pulps by the fire reclined.

Thunder strikes a distant chord
Wind whips the candelabra
In the dark his presence looms
Eldritch, perverse, macabre.

A gaunt, pale form emerged
Mad with fright I laughed
Before me standing in spectral splendour
Was the spirit of Howard Lovecraft!

Silently he judged me
As I sat aghast
Then he haunted my head with horrors
From starry aeons vast.

After laying in a coma for days
I awakened from that feverish haze
Bloody, naked as the day I was born
My precious first editions scattered & torn.

He is not dead who eternal Lies!
Track Name: Enter the Realm of Death (Runemagick Cover)
The flesh now decays
As my soul fly away
The gates of Hades is open
Final destination is chosen

Enter the realm of death

After the funeral
When the mourners walk away
I have my freedom
Leave this rotten life

Life now fades
My soul belongs to Hades
Into the darkest realm
The final journey

Enter the realm of death

After the funeral
When the mourners walk away
I have my freedom
Leave this rotten life